Twin Barns Brewing Company was formed in June of 2018 with the plan to brew and serve proper handcrafted beer in the Lakes Region. Now, you will be able to find our beer just a short distance away from the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee in a 1850s antique Meredith barn.

We look forward to sharing a beer with you!

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The idea for Twin Barns Brewing was fermented by Dave Picarillo and Bruce Walton, a couple of traveling consultants by day who dreamed of brewing at night. For years they talked about pouring their home brewing hobbies and general love of all things beer into delicious craft brews they could share with the public. 

Over decades (and many, many beers), business plans were drafted and locations were scouted but life always seemed to shelve their brewpub hopes. Until 2017, during a brewery tour in NH, when their passion to open a spot of their own was re-ignited. Two months later, in nearby Meredith, NH, they found a barn built in 1850, that would be the perfect place to make their dream a reality. After further inspection, one barn was actually two joined together and that’s how Twin Barns Brewing was finally founded in 2018. 

Come visit our brewpub. It’s just a short hop from beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee and fine, craft beer brewed with choice ingredients and a big dash of passion is always on tap!

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Bruce Walton

Bruce is a co-founder of Twin Barns and is a Boston native who spent his childhood years going to camp on Lake Winnipesaukee and has fond memories of sailing, swimming and fishing in Meredith Bay. He has home-brewed for years and always wanted to give it a try on a larger scale. When he had the opportunity to combine his love for Meredith and the Lakes Region with his passion for brewing (and drinking) beer, he couldn’t resist. An avid outdoorsman, when he’s not in the brewery “helping” Sam, you’ll find him back on the lake, or in the mountains either hiking in the summer or snowboarding in the winter. Twin Barns is a dream formed over 20 years with his friend and Co-Founder Dave and the two are thrilled to have had it come true.


Dave Picarillo

Dave is the one of the co-founders of Twin Barns Brewing Company. He was raised in the Boston area but fell in love with the Lakes Region after a childhood family vacation. In 2001, Dave and his family bought a small cabin on the lake and have spent every free moment there since. Although a home brewer for many years, it was not until a brewery tour in New Hampshire with his partner Bruce that a plan came together for their own brewery and realization of dream was possible. On days that he is not at the Brewery, you will be able to find Dave hanging out on Lake Winnipesaukee or in the White Mountains. He is an avid hiker, well on his way to completing the New Hampshire 48 - 4000K footers. Don't worry, he will probably be carrying some Twin Barns beer to enjoy at the summit.


Sam Clemens

Sam Clemens grew up in the suburbs of Boston and has since lived and homebrewed around Vermont and Maine, studying environmental education, psychology, and brewing science along the way. After college Sam began working in a Brewer's Assistant role at Long Trail Brewing Company, and over the course of 7 years there rose to the role of Head Brewer. While most of his brewing career has been focused on brewing traditional styles to tight specifications, Sam also has a love for wild-beers and sours and has been known to venture into obscure brewing territory- just ask him about the Coffee Tobacco Stout or the Saison with Durian Fruit... He's an IPA guy for sure, but finds as much to love about the crisp and piney west-coast versions as he does the soft and hazy new-england style. Sam's also an avid Hiker, Alpine and X-Country Skiier, and pond hockey enthusiast. Come on down to Twin Barns and join him for a pint!


Jarrett Possel

Jarrett was born and raised in Plymouth, Massachusetts and moved to the Lakes Region in the summer of 2019 to call the area his new home. A lover of travel and nature, heading to New Hampshire seemed like the perfect choice. He is especially excited to hit the mountains in the winter. A craft beer enthusiast with the goal of pairing and incorporating the brewery's best into his food, the head chef role is one he is ready to undertake. Nearing a decade in the service industry, this Jack-Of-All-Trades has filled every role in the business, including slinging beers, with dreams of owning his own pub or restaurant in the future.


Pouring this Summer —


Sandbar Blonde Ale 4.5%

A clear, golden ale with light Pilsner malt sweetness and the zest of Liberty hops. Expect an easy-drinking, effervescent ale with a crisp finish.

Lake cruiser Double IPA 7.8%

A barn-wrecker of a beer, with unrestrained hop character and deceptively smooth finish! Hop flavors of ripe Cantaloupe, Passionfruit, and Nectarines over a pillowy, full-bodied malt character.

Burlwood Porter 6.5%

An American-Style Porter recipe featuring an assertive roasted malt presence and modest hop character. This beer boasts caramel, coffee, and cocoa flavors from the malts accentuated by the subtle hoppiness from our late additions   


Palmer’s Town New England IPA 6.0%

Expect aromas of Tangerine, Pineapple, and fresh-squeezed Orange juice with a deep haziness and smooth mouthfeel.

Hayloft American Wheat 5.5%

This American-Style Wheat Ale recipe features a malt bill that is primarily (you guessed it) Malted American Wheat! The soft, sweet toastiness of the wheat malt becomes the vessel for a fruity ester character from the fermentation and a pronounced citrus aroma, thanks to a liberal dryhop with some of our favorite hop varieties.

Mcguigan breakfast Milk Stout 5.3%

The use of Lactose (sugar derived from milk) creates an exceptionally creamy mouthfeel and flavor for this easy-drinking stout. Flavors of Milk Chocolate and espresso bean.






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